PowerShell startup options

powershell [-PSConsoleFile -Version ] [-NoLogo] [-NoExit] [-NoProfile] [-NonInteractive] [-OutputFormat {Text XML}] [-InputFormat {Text XML}] [-Command { - [-args ] [] } ]

-PSConsoleFile Loads the specified Windows PowerShell console file.

-Version Starts the specified version of Windows PowerShell.

-NoLogo Hides the copyright banner at startup.

-NoExit Does not exit after running startup commands.

-NoProfile Does not use the user profile.

-Noninteractive Does not present an interactive prompt to the user.

-OutputFormat Determines how output from Windows PowerShell is formatted. Valid values are "Text" (text strings) or "XML" (serialized CLIXML format).

-InputFormat Describes the format of data sent to Windows PowerShell. Valid values are "Text" (text strings) or "XML" (serialized CLIXML format).

-Command Executes the specified commands (and any parameters) as though they were typed at the Windows PowerShell command prompt, and then exits, unless NoExit is specified.

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