Diagnose common DNS name resolution issues

DNSLint is a Microsoft Windows utility that helps you to diagnose common DNS name resolution issues.

DNSLint has three functions that verify Domain Name System (DNS) records and generate an HTML report:
dnslint /d: This diagnoses potential causes of "lame delegation" and other related DNS problems.
dnslint /ql: This verifies a user-defined set of DNS records on multiple DNS servers.
dnslint /ad: This verifies DNS records specifically used for Active Directory replication.

dnslint /d domain_name | /ad [LDAP_IP_address] | /ql input_file
[/c [smtp,pop,imap]] [/no_open] [/r report_name]
[/t] [/test_tcp] [/s DNS_IP_address] [/v] [/y]

Required parameters:
/d used to request domain name tests
/ad used to request Active Directory tests
/ql used to request DNS query tests from a list

Required parameters:
/c used to request connectivity tests on e-mail servers
/no_open used to prevent report from automatically opening
/r used to specify the name of the report file created
/t used to request output to a text file
/test_tcp used to request that TCP port 53 be tested
/s used by-pass InterNIC whois lookup
/v used to request verbose output to screen
/y used to overwrite existing report file without being prompted

dnslint /d domain.name


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