Domain controller roles in a virtual hosting environment

from Microsoft

Tips for DC's migration to a virtual hosting environment and p2v migrations:

1. Disable the write cache on all volumes of the guest operating system that host the Active Directory database, the logs, and the checkpoint file ( It include Active Directory, the File Replication service, WINS, and DHCP).

2. Back up the system state of at least one domain controller in every domain several times a day (Microsoft's recommendation).

3. Do not pause the domain controller for long periods of time before you resume the operating system image. If you do pause the domain controller for a long time, replication may stop and cause lingering objects.
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4. Active Directory does not support other methods to roll back the contents of Active Directory except of a system state restore.

5. Microsoft strongly recommends that:

you locate critical server roles on domain controllers that are installed directly on physical hardware. Critical server roles include the following:

Global catalog servers
Domain Name System (DNS) servers
Operations master roles, also known as flexible single master operations (FSMO)

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Vladan said...

It means that you should not use your VMs with FSMO roles. But if you have hardware failure on a physical server, you are ....

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