Force AD synchronization

repadmin /syncall - Force AD synchronization

repadmin /syncall /P - Force AD synchronization (Push mode)

General using:

repadmin /SyncAll [/Switches] []


/a: Abort if any server is unavailable
/A: Perform /SyncAll for all NC's held by (ignores )
/d: ID servers by DN in messages (instead of GUID DNS)
/e: Enterprise, cross sites (default: only home site)
/h: Print this help screen
/i: Iterate indefinitely
/I: Perform showreps on each server pair in path instead of syncing
/j: Sync adjacent servers only
/p: Pause for possible user abort after every message
/P: Push changes outward from home server (default: pull changes)
/q: Quiet mode, suppress callback messages
/Q: Very quiet, report fatal errors only
/s: Do not sync (just analyze topology and generate messages)
/S: Skip initial server-response check (assume all servers are available)
If is omitted DsReplicaSyncAll defaults to the Configuration NC.

Example :

repadmin /syncall /e /A /P

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