Virtual PC keyborad shortcuts

Host key+RIGHT ARROW - Switche to the next virtual machine
Host key+LEFT ARROW - Switche to the previous virtual machine
Host key+DOWN ARROW - Minimize the virtual machine
Host key+L - Restore Virtual PC Console from a minimized state
Host key+E - Open the virtual machine settings
Host key+A - Select all
Host key+V - Paste a copied item
Host key+C - Copy the selected items
Host key+I - Install Virtual Machine Additions
Host key+DELETE - Send CTRL+ALT+DELETE to the virtual machine operating system
Host key+ENTER - Toggle a virtual machine between full-screen mode and window mode
Host key+P - Pause or resume the virtual machine
Host key+R - Reset the virtual machine
Host key+F4 - Close the virtual machine

By default the host key is the right ALT key

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