RPM switches (Linux -RedHat)

The RPM ( RedHat Package Manager) allows the installation and or uninstallation of software packages.

Installing :

rpm {-i--install} [install-options] PackageFile


rpm {-U--upgrade} [install-options] PackageFile


rpm {-e-erase} [--allmatches] [--nodeps] [--noscripts]


rpm {-q-query} [select-options] [query-options]


rpm {-v-verify} [select-options] [verify-options]

-i - Install a new package.
-u - Upgrade or install a newer version.
-e - Remove an installed package.
--help - print this message
--version - print the version of rpm being used all modes support the following arguments: --rcfile - use instead of /etc/rpmrc and $HOME/.rpmrc
-v - be a little more verbose
-vv -be incredibly verbose (for debugging)
-q - query mode
--root - use as the top level directory
--dbpath - use as the directory for the database
--queryformat - use s as the header format (implies -i) install, upgrade and query (with -p) allow ftp URL's to be used in place of file names as well as the following options:
--ftpproxy - hostname or IP of ftp proxy
--ftpport - port number of ftp server (or proxy)

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