Import/export data file to SQL command utility

The bcp utility copies data between an instance of Microsoft® SQL Server™ and a data file in a user-specified format.

bcp {dbtable query} {in out queryout format} datafile

-m maxerrors
-f formatfile
-e errfile
-F firstrow
-L lastrow
-b batchsize
-n native type
-c character type
-w wide character type
-N keep non-text native
-V file format version
-q quoted identifier
-C code page specifier
-t field terminator
-r row terminator
-i inputfile
-o outfile
-a packetsize
-S server name
-U username
-P password
-T trusted connection
-v version
-R regional enable
-k keep null values
-E keep identity values
-h "load hints"
-x generate xml format file

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