Control Services Remotely

Sc.exe This tool(Resource Kit) provides a way to communicate with Service Controller (Services.exe) from the command prompt, to retrieve information about services.

sc [Servername] Command Servicename [Optionname= Optionvalue...]

Specifies the name of the server when you want to run the commands on a remote computer.

Config -Changes the configuration of a service (persistent).
Continue - Sends a Continue control request to a service.
Control - Sends a control to a service.
Create - Creates a service (adds it to the registry).
Delete - Deletes a service (from the registry).
EnumDepend - Enumerates service dependencies.
GetDisplayName - Obtains the DisplayName for a service.
GetKeyName - Obtains the ServiceKeyName for a service.
Interrogate - Sends an Interrogate control request to a service.
Pause -Sends a Pause control request to a service. qcQueries configuration for the service.
Query -Queries the status for a service, or enumerates the status for types of services.
Start -Starts a service
Stop - Sends a Stop request to a service.


sc \\server1 stop "ntfrs"

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