Limits of IAS

from Microsoft

  • You can configure IAS in Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition, with a maximum of 50 RADIUS clients and a maximum of 2 remote RADIUS server groups.
  • You can define a RADIUS client using a fully qualified domain name or an IP address, but you cannot define groups of RADIUS clients by specifying an IP address range. If the fully qualified domain name of a RADIUS client resolves to multiple IP addresses, the IAS server uses the first IP address returned in the DNS query.
  • With IAS in Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition, and Windows Server 2003, Datacenter Edition, you can configure an unlimited number of RADIUS clients and remote RADIUS server groups. In addition, you can configure RADIUS clients by specifying an IP address range.
  • If IAS receives an access request from a RADIUS proxy server, IAS cannot detect the manufacturer of the NAS that originated the request. This can cause problems if you plan to use remote access policy conditions that are based on the client vendor and have at least one client that is defined as a RADIUS proxy server. Requests from the proxy might not match any of the remote access policies and be denied.

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