Windows Mobile Device Center

The Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center enables you to set up new partnerships, synchronize content and manage music, pictures and video with Windows Mobile powered devices (Windows Mobile 2003 or later). The Windows Mobile Device Center is only supported on Windows Vista.

Windows Mobile Device Center Features Include:

  • Streamlined setup - A simplified new partnership wizard and improved partnership management.
  • Robust synchronization - Synchronization of business-critical data such as e-mail, calendars, contacts, tasks, favorites, and files.
  • Enhanced user interface - A simple and compelling user interface helps you to quickly access critical tasks and configure your device.
  • File browsing - A new device browsing experience enables you more quickly browse files and folders and open documents on your device directly from your PC.
  • Photo management – Picture management helps you detect new photos on your Windows Mobile powered device, tag and import them to the Windows Vista Photo Gallery.
  • Media synchronization - Use Microsoft Windows Media Player to synchronize and shuffle music files on your device.
  • System Requirements:

    Windows Mobile Device Center is currently only available for the following versions of Microsoft Windows Vista™.
    Windows Vista™ Ultimate
    Windows Vista™ Enterprise
    Windows Vista™ Business
    Windows Vista™ Home Premium
    Windows Vista™ Home Basic
    Microsoft® Outlook® 2007, Microsoft Outlook XP, and Microsoft Outlook 2003 messaging and collaboration clients
    Microsoft® Office 2003
    Microsoft® Outlook® XP, Microsoft® Outlook® 2003, and Microsoft® Outlook® 2007 messaging and collaboration clients are required for synchronization of e-mail, contacts, tasks and notes to a Personal Computer.

    Windows Mobile Device Center 6 (32-bit)
    Windows Mobile Device Center 6 (64-bit)

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