Multiple Activation Key (MAK)

from Microsoft
Multiple Activation Key (MAK) for activating machines against Microsoft one time, once the machines are activated they require no further communication with Microsoft. MAK keys have predetermined numbers of activations depending on the agreement type which can be increased at request.

  • MAK Independent Activation: Each machine individually connects and activates with Microsoft (online or telephone).
  • MAK Proxy Activation: One centralized activation request on behalf of multiple machines with one connection to Microsoft.

MAK Independent Activation

Install a Multiple Activation Key after Operating System Installation

- Using the Windows Interface
- Using a script

Install a Multiple Activation Key using the Windows Interface:

1. Choose and install the desired volume licensed media. No product key is required during setup.
2. Start the computer and log on with administrator privileges. Open System Properties in Control Panel, by clicking Start and then right-clicking Computer and clicking Properties.
3. In the Activation section, click Change product key.You will be prompted for permission. Click Continue.
4. In the Change your product key for activation dialog box, enter the MAK.The computer attempts to activate over the Internet. The next screen will indicate whether it activated successfully or was unable to activate for some reason (usually due to network connectivity).
If activation was not successful, the computer attempt to retry automatically (The user does not need to be an administrator for automatic activations). To disable automatic activation attempts, change the registry value HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\SL\Activation\Manual to 1.

Install a Multiple Activation Key using a script

1. Launch a command window (with elevated privileges if not running as Administrator).
2. Run the following script to perform activation:
cscript \windows\system32\slmgr.vbs –ato
The script will report success or failure with a result code.

Install Multiple Activation Key during Operating System Installation ( unattended setup )

Use Setup.exe or Windows Deployment Service (WDS) and specify a MAK product key in the “specialize” pass in an unattend.xml on a floppy disk for boot from DVD installation or by running setup /unattend: for network share based installation.

Optional MAK Configuration - Enabling Standard User MAK Activation

You can optionally create a registry key to allow a standard user to apply MAK and activate a computer. However, because this lowers security on the computers, it is critical that you understand the heightened risk in allowing standard users to change the licensing status.

On the client computer, create the following registry key using regedit.exe.
Navigate to HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\SL
Enter the following data:
Value Name: UserOperations
Value Data: 1

MAK Proxy Activation

Microsoft is currently developing VAMT to provide a cost-effective, batched Internet-based activation alternative to telephone activation. This solution will enable customers to activate a group of connected client computers and will support scenarios where client computers may be disconnected, and only a centrally located computer hosting the tool has access to the Internet or to Microsoft. MAK Proxy Activation will be available in the solution code name Volume Activation Management Tool (VAMT) which is currently under development with expected availability in 2007.


Anonymous said...

there is any configuration MAK Proxy server in VAMT??


Anonymous said...

I use KMS, but from VAMT help:

Before performing MAK proxy activation, ensure that your network and VAMT installation meet the following requirements:

·The VAMT is installed on a computer that has Internet access.

· The computers to be activated have been added to the VAMT.

· The VAMT has administrative permissions on all computers to be activated and Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) is accessible through the Windows firewall.

·For workgroup computers, a registry key must be created to enable remote administrative actions under User Account Control (UAC).

Performing MAK proxy activation

1.Open the VAMT console.
2.Select the computers to be activated, either by clicking a group in the tree view pane or by selecting individual computers in the list view pane.
3.Right-click the selected group or computer(s) to display the context-sensitive Action menu.
4.On the menu, click MAK Proxy Activate to display the MAK Proxy Activate dialog.
5.Select the appropriate MAK from the Install MAK dropdown list.
6.Select the Install MAK (overwrite existing), Get Confirmation ID from Microsoft, and Apply Confirmation ID and Activate checkboxes. If an asterisk (*) appears next to the text for these checkboxes, the action will apply only to applicable computers.
7. If you are activating computers that require administrator credentials different from the ones you are currently using, select the Use Alternate Credentials checkbox.
8. Click OK.
9.The VAMT will display three status dialogs while it completes the proxy activation: Assigning product keys, Acquiring Confirmation ID online, and finally Assigning Confirmation IDs. If you selected the Use Alternate Credentials checkbox, you will be prompted to enter the credentials prior to these dialogs.


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