Netdiag switches

netdiag [/q] [/v] [/l] [/debug] [/d:domain_name] [/fix] [/dcaccountenum] [/test:test_name] [/skip:test_name]

/q: specify quiet output and display errors only.
/v: verbose mode and show information about the actions that are performed.
/l: write output to the Netdiag.log file. The Netdiag.log file is created in the same folder in which you run Netdiag.exe.
/debug: debug mode.
/d:domain_name: locate a domain controller in the specified domain.
/fix: correct trivial issues with Domain Name System (DNS).
/dcaccountenum: enumerate the computer accounts of the domain controller.
/test:test_name: specify the test or tests that you want to run.
/skip:test_name: skip specific test during netdiag running.
List of possible tests:
Autonet: Automatic Private IP Addressing (APIPA) address test
Bindings: Bindings test
Browser: Redir and Browser test
DcList: Domain controller list test
DefGw: Default gateway test
DNS: Domain Name Service (DNS) test
DsGetDc: Domain controller discovery test
IpConfig: IP address configuration test
IpLoopBk: IP address loopback ping test
IPSec: Internet Protocol security (IPSec) security test
IPX: Internetwork Packet Exchange (IPX) test
Kerberos: Kerberos Test
Ldap: Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) test
Member: Domain membership test
Modem: Modem diagnostics test
NbtNm: NetBIOS over TCP/IP (NetBT) name test
Ndis: Netcard queries test
NetBTTransports: NetBT transports test
Netstat: Netstat information test
NetWare: NetWare testRoute: Routing table test
Trust: Trust relationship test
WAN: Wide Area Network (WAN) configuration test
WINS: Windows Internet Naming Services (WINS) service test
Winsock: Winsock test

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