Windows Vista User Accounts Types

Standard Users

-Establish a Local Area Network connection
-Establish and configure a wireless connection
-Modify Display Settings
-Users cannot defragment the hard drive, but a service does this on their behalf
-Play CD/DVD media (configurable with Group Policy)
-Burn CD/DVD media (configurable with Group Policy)
-Change the desktop background for the current user
-Open the Date and Time Control Panel and change the time zone
-Use Remote Desktop to connect to another computer
-Change user's own account password
-Configure battery power options
-Configure Accessibility options
-Restore user's backed-up files
-Set-up computer synchronization with a mobile device (smart phone, laptop, or PDA)
-Connect and configure a Bluetooth device


Install and uninstall applications
-Install a driver for a device (E.G. a digital camera driver)
-Install Windows updates
-Configure Parental Controls
-Install an ActiveX control
-Open the Windows Firewall Control Panel
-Change a user's account type
-Modify UAC settings in the Security Policy Editor snap-in (secpol.msc)
-Configure Remote Desktop access
-Add or remove a user account
-Copy or move files into the Program Files or Windows directory
-Schedule Automated Tasks
-Restore system backed-up files
Configure Automatic Updates

-Browse to another user's directory

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