Windows and AD

Check your computer before upgrade to Windows Vista
Restore XP 2003 backups to Vista and Longhorn
Display all connections and ports Windows
Show port statistic
Show interface statistic
Folder Redirection in Windows Vista
SMS 2003 Service Pack 3
Cancel a print job command prompt
Improve Virtual Machine Performance
Show current users name on a remote computer
Restart Remote Computer
msiexec (MSI) Switches
IBM and Lenovo Vista problems
Windows Vista User Accounts Types
Robocopy Switches
Copy Directory with NTFS Rights
Check open port on a server or computer
Tracking application installation logs
RMS Service Pack 2 Administration Toolkit
Run .Net Application from Local Network
Emulator IE6 for Internet Explorer7
List of often useful windows snap-ins
Quick Site Tracing
Testing an application on Windows Vista 1
Testing an application on Windows Vista 2
Software prerequisites for Microsoft Forefront Client Security (FCS)
SMS Client Forced Installation
Disable Windows Firewall inf
Enable Local Windows Firewall vbs
MOM Alert: Forwarding Queue is Full
Enable Remote Desktop on a Remote Computervbs
Active Directory Replication over Firewall (ports)
Delete TCP/IP Printer Port
Windows AutoLogon
Remove DC from AD
Active Directory FSMO Roles
SMS Ports
Active Directory Groups in the Builtin container
Dlelete Folder and all Subfolders from User Profile VBS Script
Install SMS Client with autodiscovery - cmd script
List of few Useful Active Directory (AD) Tools
Rename 'My Computer' to a real computer name script
Restart remote or local computer script
NTFRS Service Restart
Show remote computer name
Add group or user to local administrators group script
User profile migration home computers
Windows Vista Hot Keys
File Server Migration Tool (Microsoft)
Display the workstation current environment(Windows)
Deploying GPO for Windows Vista
Nslookup tool (Windows)
Simple nslookup tool using
Restore default domain policy
Virtual PC 2007
DC's Network Diagnosis
Netdiag switches
Time Synchronization tool for Active Directory
Backup Group Policy Objects
DC's network diagnosis
netdiag switches
Timesynchronization tool for AD
Enable Kerberos event logging
Show DC Guid
Restore AD Objects
Deny running specified applications GPO
Group Policy forced update
Group Policy management tools
Print Server Migration
Windows Server 2003 SP2 Release Notes
PsExec 1.82 and swithes
Extend disk partition
ActiveSync 4.5
Check your recent system changes
XML Editor
Disconnect open files opened by network users
Add a new installation image to RIS
Take ownership command
Process Explorer for Windows
Password's complexity requirements
Display running processes command
How to run a script only once on a computer
Determine the Home Directory For All the Disabled User Accounts in Active Directory
Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2 application compatibility
Windows Vista Editions
TCPView for Windows v2.4
ShareEnum v1.6
Restore AD Objects tool
Windows Mobile Device Center
Windows Vista Activation Options
Multiple Activation Key (MAK)
Windows Vista KMS Activation
Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1
Bootable WinPE USB key
Change local IP from console
Netsh switches
Local Activation permission for the COM Server application
Control Services Remotely
Get an access to an UNC at a command prompt
Shortcut to Add/Remove Programs
Windows Server 2008 application compatibility
Manage remote services from command line
Windows 2003 R2 update command line
Add IP address Windows 2008
Add DNS server addresses to Windows 2008 core
Rename a computer Windows 2008 core
Disable Windows Firewall Windows 2008 core
Enable Remote Desktop Windows 2008 core
Install a role on a server windows 2008 core
Join computer to domain windows 2008 core

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