Virtual Machine Performance

Increasing overall virtual machine performance in up to 20%.

Migrate your Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 virtual machine from IDE to SCSI bus.

Not To Use SCSI Disks if you are using the disks between Virtual Server and Virtual PC you should keep using IDE disks as Virtual PC does not have SCSI support.

Step by step guide:
1. Backup the virtual machine
· Select your virtual machine and Select Edit Configuration
· Select Hard Disks
· Check if the checkbox Enable Undo Disks is selected

If the box is checked, you can choose one of the following actions:
· Merge the undo disks
· Backup the undo disks

2. Installing a SCSI Adapter
· Stop the virtual machine
· Select Edit Configuration
· Click SCSI Adapters
· Click Add SCSI Adapter
· Click OK

Verify the installation
· Login into the virtual machine
· Right-click My Computer
· Select Properties
· Select Hardware tab
· Click Device Manager

3. Changing the drive from IDE to SCSI
· Select Edit Properties
· Click Hard Disks
· Select SCSI ID 0 in attachment
· Press OK

4. Changing the disk boot order(If you have multiple disks)
· Turn on the virtual machine
· While the boot screen shows, press Delete to enter BIOS
· Navigate to the Boot menu
o Select Boot Device Priority
o In the 1st Boot Device, select Hard Drive
· Press ESC to return to previous menu
· Select Hard Disk Drives
o In the 1st Hard Disk Drive slot, select the virtual disk that contains the operating system boot. The disks are shown following the format:
§ [04,AIC-7870A:XX MS], where XX is the device ID.
For example [04,AIC-7870A:00 MS]
· Press ESC to return to the previous menu
· Navigate to Exit
· Select Exit Saving Changes
· Confirm and exit by selecting OK and pressing Enter

5. Booting the Operating System SCSI disk

For more information click here.

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