Folder Redirection in Windows Vista

Windows Vista has an improved roaming user experience leveraging changes in user profiles and Folder Redirection.

  • Contacts - Default Location for Users’s Contacts
  • Desktop - Desktop items, including files and shortcuts
  • Documents - Default location for all user created documents
  • Downloads - Default location to save all downloaded content
  • Favorites - Internet Explorer Favorites
  • Music - Default location for user’s music files
  • Videos - Default location for user’s video files
  • Pictures - Default location for user’s picture files
  • Searches - Default location for saved searches
  • AppData - Default location for user application data and binaries
  • Links - Contains Windows Explorer Favorite Links
  • Saved Games - Used for Saved Games

Edit an existing Folder Redirection Policy


2. Right-click a Group Policy object that has a previously enabled Folder Redirection policy, and then click Edit.

3. User Configuration/Windows Settings/Folder Redirection. Right-click the Documents folder, and then click Properties.

4. Click the Settings tab in the Documents Properties dialog box and verify the Also apply redirection policy to Windows 2000, Windows 2000 Server, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003 operating systems setting is selected. Click OK.

5. Choose the folder you would like to move, and then click Edit choose a new location for the folder.

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