Testing an application on Windows Vista 2

upgrade to Windows Vista from Windows XP SP2
from Microsft

1. Upgrade the test computer to Windows Vista. Follow the Windows Vista setup and upgrade instructions. After the upgrade is complete, log on to the test computer as you would to a computer running Windows XP.
2. Start the application. If the application does not start properly or if errors are displayed, enable the Windows XP SP2 compatibility mode for the application .exe file, and then try installing it again.
3. If the application starts successfully, run through the full suite of tests that you would typically use to test it on a computer running Windows XP. Verify your application functionality to confirm that it performs properly. If the application passes all major functionality tests, the application works properly with Windows Vista.
4. If the application does not install, start successfully, stops responding, encounters an error, or fails any of your major functionality tests, it may be one of a small set of applications that is subject to compatibility issues with Windows Vista changes.

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