SMS Ports

Port Requirements: Active Directory Discovery methods
Service Name UDP TCP
LDAP 389 389
RPC Endpoint Mapper 135 135
Global Catalog LDAP N/A 3268
Global Catalog LDAP SSL N/A 3269
Kerberos 88 88

Port requirements: SMS 2003 Site Server to the child site, to the secondary site, or to the SMS SQL Server
Port 445 Server Message Block (SMB)
Port 389 Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)
Port 636 LDAP (Secure Sockets Layer [SSL] connection)

Port requirements: SMS 2003 Proxy Management point to parent SQL Server
Port 1433 TCP (SMS Site Server to SQL Server)
Port 389 LDAP
Port 636 LDAP (SSL Connection)

Port requirements: SMS 2003 Advanced Client to Management Point or to Distribution Point
Port 80 Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
Port 139 Client sessions (for non BITS-enabled DPs)
Port 445 Server Message Block (for non BITS-enabled DPs)
Port 389 UDP (User Datagram Protocol) LDAP Ping
Port 389 TCP LDAP
Port 636 TCP LDAP (SSL Connection)
Port 3268 TCP (explicit connection to Global Catalog)

Port requirements: SMS Remote Control System service: Wuser32
Application protocol Protocol Ports
SMS Remote Chat TCP 2703
SMS Remote Chat UDP 2703
SMS Remote Control (control) TCP 2701
SMS Remote Control (control) UDP 2701
SMS Remote Control (data) TCP 2702
SMS Remote Control (data) UDP 2702
SMS Remote File Transfer TCP 2704
SMS Remote File Transfer UDP 2704

SMS Remote Control UDP
When you use NetBIOS over TCP/IP for SMS Remote Control, the following ports are used:
Port 137 Name resolution
Port 138 Messaging
Port 139 Client sessions

Microsoft Windows NT UDP
The following list includes the core UDP ports that Windows NT uses, and it also lists their respective functions:
Domain Name System (DNS) UDP 53
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) UDP 67
Remote procedure call (RPC) TCP 135
Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) UDP 138
NetBIOS datagrams UDP 138
NetBIOS datagrams TCP 139

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